Generation XIII

Episode 3. Adapt, adapt, adapt

December 10, 2021 Delphine Hesters Season 2 Episode 1
Generation XIII
Episode 3. Adapt, adapt, adapt
Show Notes

After more than five months apart, the students of Generation XIII reunite in Brussels - both elated and uncomfortable, due to the mandatory face masks, the 1.5m distance rule and the impossibility of giving spontaneous hugs. At the start of the school year, the mood is defined not only by the Corona pandemic, but also by the Black Lives Matter manifesto that students had addressed to P.A.R.T.S. just before the summer. 

This will be a year of adaptation, bubbles, quarantines and sub-bubbles... and a short escape to La Palma. Living in constant uncertainty, the pressure on the mental wellbeing of these youngsters is high. How to deal with a pandemic, far from home, while keeping your focus on your schoolwork? 

Classes and music featured in this Episode: 1. Workshop Rosas repertory Drumming, Taka Shamoto, Ursula Robb, Clinton Stringer and Sue-Yeon Youn, to Drumming of Steve Reich, performed by Ictus 2. Contemporary technique, Alesandra Seutin, to live music of Zouratié Koné 3. Ballet, Libby Far, to live piano by Pieter Smout 4. Contemporary technique workshop Trisha Brown, Diane Madden 5. Workshop Flying Low, David Zambrano 6. Students practicing on Suena of Ondatrópica 


Concertgebouw Brugge


PACT Zollverein


De Singel

Dansens Hus Oslo


Vlaamse Gemeenschap

Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest

Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie Brussel

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