Generation XIII

Episode 1. This school is about the students

March 09, 2021 Delphine Hesters Season 1 Episode 6
Generation XIII
Episode 1. This school is about the students
Show Notes

September 2019: the 40 students of Generation XIII gather on the school premises with great enthusiasm and nervous giggles for the start of their training program at P.A.R.T.S. In this first episode, we learn what is specific to the school and how classes like ballet, performance analysis and rhythm present each of our five protagonists with their own, different challenges. It’s about the thrill and uncertainties of the start of a new life. How to find your bearings in a new city and within a new community while missing your loved ones back home? How to unlearn what you have previously been taught and start building anew?

Classes and music featured in this Episode: 1. Contemporary technique, David Hernandez, to Havana Rhythm Dance of Auntie Flo ft Andrew Ashong 2. Singing, Lucy Grauman 3. Rhythm, Michel Debrulle 4. Contemporary technique, Laura Aris, to Another White Bird of Wovenhand 5. Music analysis, Mattijs Van Damme, to Quatuor VII ‘Opentime’ 21 variations Pour Quatuor à Cordes of Pascal Dusapin, played by Arditti Quartet 6. Ballet, Janet Panetta, to live piano by Pieter Smout


Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest

Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie Brussel

Concertgebouw Brugge



Dansens Hus Oslo


De Singel

Vlaamse Gemeenschap

PACT Zollverein

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